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CCTC 2024: Welcome to San Diego!

The 2024 Consumer Culture Theory Conference will be held from Thursday, July 11 to Saturday, July 13, 2024 ​ at the Knauss School of Business, located at the beautiful University of San Diego campus in San Diego, California. This year, CCT 2024 is an in-person conference. We will provide view-only webinar options for some of the sessions to allow those who cannot be in person to view sessions remotely. Please note that all presenters must be in person.

The University of San Diego and the Knauss School of Business are excited to host the 2024 Consumer Culture Theory Conference and are looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful city! We encourage you to read all about what we have planned, as well as what makes San Diego your ideal conference destination for Summer 2024! Click below to complete your registration!

Conference Co-Chairs



The term Consumer Culture refers to the system of commercially produced images, signs, discourses, experiences, and material objects that social groups use to make collective sense of their environments and to orient their identities and social experiences.

Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) is an interdisciplinary field of research oriented around developing a better understand of why consumers do what they do and why consumer culture takes the forms that it does. Theorists focus on understanding the interrelationships between various material, economic, symbolic, institutional, and social relationships, and their effects on consumers, the marketplace, other institutions, and society. Researchers typically draw from and build on theories rooted in sociology, anthropology, media studies and communications, history, literary criticism and semiotics, gender and queer theory, cultural studies, and marketing.


Our theme, WELCOME to San Diego, welcomes all those who are intrigued by consumer culture theory and research. We invite quality submission across all themes, domains of inquiry and approaches and  will do our best to maximize access and inclusion.


The QDA Workshop is a biennial event offering hands-on mentoring and practice in the analysis, interpretation and writing of qualitative consumer research. It features intensive work sessions with mentors depending on the applicant’s level of expertise and stage of the submitted focal project.


Submit your work to join us in San Diego!

Submission deadline: 11:59pm Pacific Time on February 1, 2024 (firm)

Deadline for reviews: March 1, 2024

Notification of accepted works: April 1, 2024


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